Speaking of Homelessness is an innovative skills development project. We are empowering people who are or who have been homeless to tell their stories and record them through film. Through a series of workshops, SoundCafe’s guests are working with creative professionals to produce a film that expresses their experience of homelessness. A short advocacy video will be produced to give the project permanence and help to educate people about the wide range of experiences of homelessness in our city and county.

This project aims to:

  • create a high-quality short film
  • develop key skills for the future
  • empower some of the most disenfranchised people of society
  • enable the voices of people who are homeless to be heard
  • celebrate the wealth of creative talent in our region
  • challenge the stigma of homelessness

Our series of four workshops are taking place in July 2021 in St Mary de Castro Church. These sessions are giving the SoundCafe team, our creative director and videographer the chance to find out more about our guests’ stories and look at how those narratives can be captured and shared on film. St Mary de Castro provides a peaceful and contemplative space for guests to work through their experiences, which are all deeply personal and challenging.

Supported by

Arts Council England


The Kirby Laing Family Foundation