SoundCafe Football Health & Well-Being

SCL Football Health & Well-Being workshops use the power of sport and recreation to promote well-being, with a special focus on encouraging physical activity and social interaction contributing to good mental health.

The sessions equally combat social isolation, exclusion and loneliness, by helping guests to gain a sense of team spirit and belonging.

The first sessions were undertaken in October 2019 as a pilot with just an hours play in an evening.  The sessions proved so successful that we revised the model during the pandemic to focus more broadly on health and well-being incorporating warm-up exercise session some led by the players themselves, non-contact play and a socially distanced lunch.

Partnership working is at the heart of the work undertaken by SoundCafe.  Our sessions are made possible by Leicester City in the Community the charitable section of Leicester City Football Club who provide the coaches.  They also facilitate with mental health and well-being workshops including a trip to Bradgate Park.


How you can support the future of SCL Football Health & Well-Being

There are a number of ways in which you can support our workshops:

  • fund a specific aspect of our football costs or the cost of a playing ‘season’;
  • fund the costs of an away trip for the team to play;
  • fund the costs of refreshments (lunch) for 16 players;
  • provide sponsorship to fund the football kit;
  • sponsor the annual SCL Homeless Football Health & Well-Being football tournament.

For more information of how you can get involved please contact:

[email protected] or [email protected] or via the contact us page.

“It is so good having the support of people who really do care and want the best for you.  It gives me a purpose to my day and also improves the quality of my life!”