Soundcafe is a charity managed through a Trustee Board; founded by the Rev’d. Helen Hayes; a Director part funded through Leicester Diocese Growth Fund (Rachel Griffiths); a Service Co-ordinator (Maria O’Brien) and a team of volunteers. The Trustees between them have over 30 years of experience of working in the not-for-profit sector in a variety of settings.

SoundCafe’s Trustees are:

Alan Fletcher (Chairperson)

Andrew Schofield (Treasurer)

Pete Miller (Business Development)

Sandie Sobieraj (Pastoral & Safeguarding)

Ruth Olugbenga (Health & Well-being)

SoundCafe’s Patrons are:
the Bishop of Leicester, the Rt. Rev’d. Martyn James Snow
Mrs Janet Arthur
Cllr Manjula Sood.

Other supporters include:
The West Leicester Mission Partnership
St. Martins House
Leicester Cathedral
The Samaritans

What is SoundCafe?

SoundCafe provides safe creative spaces for people (our guests) who are homeless, have lived experience, at risk of homelessness or socially isolated or living in vulnerable housing in Leicester and Leicestershire, to enable them to explore their own creativity.  We welcome guests of all faiths and none.

Our Mission

To relieve poverty and the other charitable needs of people who are homeless or living in vulnerable housing (including persons who are sofa surfing, living in a hostel or squatting), and people who have recently experienced homelessness in Leicester and Leicestershire, in particular by providing safe creative spaces regularly, by offering opportunities to listen to, and take part in musical and artistic practice and performances, as a means to improve their conditions of life.

‘Inspiration within SoundCafe
multiplies its’ Creativity and
feeds its’ Diversity, while regular
Reflection leads to the
Empowerment of both its’ guests
and of its’ volunteers.’

Our Aims

  • provide safe creative spaces regularly for people who are homeless and socially isolated to enable them to explore their own creativity
  • provide a sense of ‘belonging’
  • facilitate guests in ‘finding their voice’ and ensuring that it is heard
  • build, develop and sustain partnerships which enable collaboration on projects


During the COVID-19 pandemic services have adapted to meet the restrictions.  Workshops are taking place at St Mary de Castro, Booth Hall and St Margaret’s Pastures, Leicester.

Code of Conduct – Safeguarding Our Guests – SoundCafe V6
Expenses Policy November 2019 – Approved
Fire Safety Plan SCL 06.06.19
Lone Worker Policy – SoundCafe – Final Approved Feb 2017
Reserve Policy Final Sept 2019
Safeguarding Policy Statement December 2021 – Final
Student Placement Policy 22.08.19
Guest Welfare Flow Chart 20.01.20
Welfare Policy V2 – 20.01.20