About Us

August 2017 Safe Creative Space banner

What is SoundCafe?

SoundCafe provides a safe creative space for people (our guests) who are homeless, socially isolated or living in vulnerable housing in Leicester and Leicestershire. We offer the opportunity for guests to listen to and take part in musical and artistic practice and performances as a means of improving well-being and self-esteem. We welcome guests of all faiths and none.

Our Mission

To relieve poverty and the other charitable needs of people who are homeless or living in vulnerable housing (including persons who are sofa surfing, living in a hostel or squatting), and people who have recently experienced homelessness in Leicester and Leicestershire, in particular by providing a safe creative space for them to meet regularly: by offering opportunities to listen to, and take part in, musical and artistic practice and performances, as a means to improve their conditions of life.

‘Inspiration within SoundCafe
multiplies its’ Creativity and
feeds its’ Diversity, while regular
Reflection leads to the
Empowerment of both its’ guests
and of its’ volunteers.’

Our Aims

  • provide a safe creative space regularly for people who are homeless and socially isolated to enable them to explore their own creativity
  • provide a sense of ‘belonging’
  • facilitate guests in ‘finding their voice’ and ensuring that it is heard
  • build, develop and sustain partnerships which enable collaboration on projects
  • develop a platform for information and communication to support wayfinding services.


We usually meet in the Great Hall at St Martin’s House, next to Leicester Cathedral.


SoundCafe runs on Wednesday afternoons from 1.15pm to 2.45pm. Guests can arrive from 1.00pm with provision for an extreme weather table from 12.50pm. There is also the option for guests to stay and be a part of the SoundCafe choir which rehearses after SoundCafe from 3.00pm to 3.45pm.